Dan Ryan is a native Delawarean, full-time electrician, and part-time libertarian activist. When he’s not blogging about government, economics, and politics, he enjoys reading, gardening, hunting, and playing the mandolin. Dan resides in Kent County with his wife, Emma, and two Chesapeake Bay retrievers, Chessie and Rusty.

Eve King moved to Wilmington from Cape Coral, Florida, in 2009, and promptly began attending local PTA meetings. As she has no children, her desire to better the education of her neighbors’ children confused them. Eve now spends her spare time dabbling in politics, doing yoga, making cross-stitch pillows and avoiding her neighbors. She has two ferrets, Zack and Slater, named after characters from one of her favorite shows.

Jack Bonafide has lived on the outskirts of the Cypress Swamp in Sussex County for the past twenty-five years. He enjoys seclusion, having fled the crowded, oppressive metropolis of Baltimore. In addition to blogging about the most serious issues facing Delaware today, Jack is currently penning his own farmers’ almanac. He’s also a ham radio enthusiast, and believes radio will outlast the Internet as a means of communication.

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