The Makers Of Axe Now Say It Can Cure Homosexuality

via Business Insider: 


Unilever’s Lynx, better known in the U.S. as Axe, posted a photo on its “Lynx Effect Hong Kong” Facebook wall that claims one spray can turn lesbians straight.

lynx cure gay china

The questionable post (right) was created by BBH Asia Pacific and prompts dudes to “Unleash the Lynx Effect and claim your [HK $500 million, $65 million U.S.] reward from Cecil.”

The reward refers to recent headlines of Hong Kong tycoon Cecil Chao, one of the richest men in China, offering $65 million US to the man who marries his openly gay daughter, Gigi.

(Gigi said she was “touched” by her father’s “marriage bounty,” although she’s happy with her wife Sean Eav).

But don’t expect everyone to be “touched” by the Lynx campaign.

Unilever has been critiqued in the past for only marketing Axe (and Lynx) to a straight demographic.

Even though a 2010 Canadian billboard, reaching out to “men who’d rather be with a woman than on a horse,” was a jab at Old Spice’s campaign, some called out its hetero-only message.

Although gay blog Queerty conceded, “I don’t know a single self-respecting gay man who uses any Axe product (that car fragrance-esque bodyspray product ruined it for us), so this Canadian billboard shooting back at Old Spice doesn’t really [faze] me.”

Thus far, Lynx’s post has only been shared 17 times.

What do you think? Funny or offensive?



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