Here’s What Happened When Jay-Z Rode The Subway To His Final Barclays Concert

via Business Insider:


Before his eighth and final concert at the Barclays Center Saturday night, Jay-Z ditched the private cars for a trip through the NYC transit system for the first time in a supposed 18 years.

Jay-Z told Hot 97.1’s Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg back in 2010 he wanted to take the train to his Yankee Stadium Concerts, but never got around to doing it.

How did it go?

One person caught his trip on the R train from Canal Street to Atlantic Ave on tape, and, as expected, people went absolutely crazy snapping photos, reaching in to shake Hova’s hand, and getting a word in with the hip-hop artist. Jay-Z was completely chill with it the entire time …

shaking hands with fans …

… making small talk with an older woman …

… and chatting with fans.

Well, until this one was shoved away:

jay-z subway

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