“Sexy Single” Cop with “Magnetic Personality” to be Fired for Punching Woman on Video

via PixIQ: 

The fact that a police officer was caught on video sucker punching a woman for no apparent reason wasn’t very surprising.

We’ve seen that scene one too many times.

But the fact that it only took three days for officials to announce they would fire the cop  is very surprising considering how long it usually takes officers to lose their jobs for incidents that are clearly caught on video.

Of course, he still has to serve a 30-day suspension to allow him to further rip the taxpayers off for doing nothing, which means he will do all he can to keep his job.

Now the question remains whether Philadelphia Police Lt. Jonathan Josey will ever face criminal charges for punching Aida Guzman during a Puerto Rican parade on Sunday in an incident caught on citizen video.

Anybody else who would have been caught on video walking  up to a woman and punching her so hard that she fell to the pavement with a busted lip would be facing aggravated battery charges.

But the rules are always different for cops.

Guzman was initially charged with disorderly conduct, accused of tossing water on officers, but the video doesn’t show that. And even if she was guilty of disorderly conduct, she did not deserve to be punched by a bully cop.


Josey, 39, once nominated himself to be a Philadelphia Daily News “Sexy Single,” posing shirtless with a nipple ring while citing his “charm and magnetic personality” as his best attributes.

A real lady killer.


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