Scott Brown Slams Elizabeth Warren In A Testy Debate Exchange: ‘I’m Not A Student In Your Classroom’

via Business Insider: 


The second debate between Republican Scott Brown and Democrat Elizabeth Warren in the Massachusetts Senate race got a bit testy Monday night, as Brown charged Warren with treating him like one of her students in a particularly edgy exchange.

Scott Brown

The candidates were debating bipartisanship in Congress when Warren, a Harvard Law School professor, began to interrupt.

“Excuse me. I’m not a student in your classroom,” a clearly peeved Brown said. “Please let me respond.”

A stunned crowd gave a prolonged, “Oooooooooh,” at Brown’s statement.

Later in the debate, moderator David Gregory asked each candidate to name one good thing about the other. Brown, who has taken to referring to Warren as “Professor,” praised her work.

“She’s such a good professor,” Brown said. “So I’m going to do everything in my power that she continues to be in that position.”

Here’s video, via BuzzFeed:


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