Mike Wallace Left $21M Fortune To 4th Wife, But Kids Will Get It—Here’s Today’s Buzz

via Business Insider: 


  • “60 Minutes” legend Mike Wallace left behind an impressive $21 million fortune to his fourth wife when he died in April at the age of 93. But Wallace’s wife, who he had been married to for the last 25 years of his life, died earlier this month before his will was submitted in court. That means the majority of his estate will now be divvied up in trusts between the four adult children, including Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, and their children. All of Wallace’s “notes, scripts, files, journals, logs, manuscripts, video tapes, movies, photographs, honors, diplomas, awards and all intellectual property rights relating to my professional career” were left to his alma mater, the University of Michigan.
  • KISS rocker Gene Simmons‘ 19-year-old daughter Sophie steps out of her father’s spotlight as she auditions for “X Factor.” Watch as her parents look on nervously during her audition that got her to the next round.

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