Kanye West sex tapes stolen from his computer, rapper’s lawyers say

via Chicago Sun Times: 


FILE - In this Nov. 9 2011 file phoKanye West performs during Victoria's Secret fashishow New York. With 17 nominations

Sounds like Kanye West has one more thing in common with galpal Kim Kardashian.

While the reality TV star’s infamous 2007 video of her having sex with then-boyfriend Ray J has been seen by an audience of untold numbers, Chicago native West’s legal team is threatening to sue anyone who dares to release what appear to be two separate tapes of the Grammy winner getting intimate with a Kardashian look-alike.

The tapes seem to have been shot in hotel rooms at some unknown time in the recent past.

I’ve learned that West and his inner circle have initiated an investigation to discover who leaked the sexy private videos. Anyone close to the music superstar is said to be suspect as West and his legal team delve into all this.

West’s lawyer, Lisa M. Buckley, has released a statement advising that the footage and a widely circulated images from it “were illegally obtained and believed to have been stolen from Mr. West’s computer. Posting, advertising, marketing, displaying and otherwise disseminating the stolen screen shot and or other materials or tape are actionable violations of Mr. West’s rights of privacy and publicity.”


TV GIG ALL SET: For those wondering, Billie Joe Armstrong’s trip to rehab — after his big on-stage meltdown in Las Vegas last Friday — won’t have any impact on his upcoming appearance on “The Voice.” According to a NBC statement, the Green Day frontman’s role as a mentor for judge Christina Aguilera’s team is “all taped and set.”


EMMY HA-HA MOMENT: While there were plenty of on-screen funny bits on the Primetime Emmy show Sunday night, dateline.com’s Nellie Andreeva points out a very humorous moment from the pre-Emmy bash thrown by Showtime.

When a car valet entered the party and said, “Someone has taken the keys with them. Does anyone drive a black BMW?”

That was met with a laugh-racked chorus of “Yes!” As one guest quipped, “It’s like walking into a hospital and asking if there are doctors there” — noting that black BMWs are the cars of choice for the many agents and TV execs who jam-packed the Showtime fete.

TUNE UP: Longtime manager Peter Schivarelli is excited the classic band Chicago will be playing two very important sports-related events in the days ahead. Along with headlining the big Ryder Cup gala Wednesday night at the Akoo Theater in Rosemont, the group will be deeply involved in the halftime show when Notre Dame plays Miami at Soldier Field Oct. 6.

“The Notre Dame marching band will form the iconic Chicago logo and, as they play ‘Does Anybody Know What Time It Is,’ Chicago’s Robert Lamm — who wrote it — will sing it along with our background singers. … And Lee Loughnane will do a trumpet solo.”

† Longtime Chicagoan and popular singer Terisa Griffin is thrilled to have made it this far on “The Voice” — showcased heavily in promos for the hit program Monday where she sang the Adele hit “Someone Like You,” and was tapped for “Team Blake [Shelton].” Griffin calls the experience “a wonderful ride just to have made it on the show,” noting from an estimated 45,000 who originally tried out, auditions whittled that down to the 64 who will actually be seen on TV.


LEAVE US ALONE! Miley Cyrus is said to be getting tired of constant reports that she and fianceLiam Hemsworth are breaking up. Cyrus has been very vocal to a number of her good pals about the the subject.

“Lord knows, Miley is very well aware of how false stories go along with being a celebrity, but she is really ticked about how much this is being written about lately.

“Trust me,” added the source. “She and Liam are just fine. … He’s just off in Atlanta shooting ‘Catching Fire’ [the next film in the ‘Hunger Games’ franchise].”


FUNNY FOLKS: Former “MadTV” star Stephnie Weir and her husband, Robert Dassie, will return to their old stomping ground at iO Theatre 10:30 p.m. Saturday. The couple’s “Weirdass” show was a major hit years ago in Chicago, before they relocated to Los Angeles — and that’s what they’re reprising Saturday.

† Speaking of iO, veteran comic actor Tim Kazurinsky has just signed on to the writing program at the improv center — planning to teach a screenwriting class.

† I ran into Gilbert Gott­fried in New York over the weekend, and the whiny-voiced comedian was joking about his stand-up schedule for the coming months.

“It’s going to be winter,” said Gottfried. “And where am I going? Chicago [in November] and then a bunch of dates in … Canada — in January.

“Uh, hello! Florida maybe?”


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