Billie Joe Armstrong checks into rehab after music fest freakout




Billie Joe Armstrong smashes his guitar during a Green Day set at the iHeartRadio music festival in Las Vegas Friday. Armstrong has checked into rehab for substance abuse, the band revealed.


Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day has checked into rehab for substance abuse after cursing out organizers of a Las Vegas music festival on Friday for allegedly cutting the band’s set short to make way for Usher and Rihanna.

When Armstrong spotted the 1-minute warning while performing at the iHeartMusic festival, the singer stopped the song — it happened to be “Basket Case” — and started a profanity-laced tirade (“I’m not . . . Justin Bieber!”), shot his middle finger to the camera and smashed his guitar. (SomewherePete Townshend is sighing, “Kids these days.”)

In a statement, the band issued an apology to fans they may have offended, said Clear Channel, who organized the festival, had not in fact abridged their set, and said the band would be postponing appearances in support of its new album while Armstrong sought help. Armstrong, 40,had to cancel a performance in Italy earlier this month due to an illness that was never disclosed, although Armstrong indicated that he had been having throat issues.

Armstrong is set to appear on “The Voice” as a mentor to Christina Aguilera’s team — mainly because he already filmed his bit before his on-stage freakout.


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