Ohio Woman Learns Her Husband Was Also Her Father

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Ohio Woman Learns Her Husband Was Also Her Father

Valerie Spruill, 60, from Doylestown, OH was raised by her grandparents, and learned early on that a “family friend” was actually her mother. At the tender age of nine, she also learned that the man she thought was her father was her grandfather. Something else she recently learned: her late husband was really her father.

Spruill says that she had heard rumors that Percy Spruill was her father, but it wasn’t confirmed until her uncle came clean a few years after the man died in 1998. A DNA test was conducted to officially confirm their biological relationship, and it came back positive. Spruill says she isn’t sure if her father knew that he was marrying his daughter, but thinks he may have been afraid to tell her.

Percy Spruill fathered a number of children, and Valerie is searching for all of them. Despite several emotionally-draining twists and turns, Spruill is not ashamed of her family secrets. Instead, she says she “wants to be an example” of someone who overcame numerous setbacks.

[via Gawker]


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