Obama Taps Video Games for Early Voting Partners with EA to spur early voting in swing states

via Ad Week:


How crucial are the swing states in the presidential race? So crucial that President Obama is once again taking the chase for votes to the virtual battlegrounds of the video game world.

Starting today, the Obama campaign will begin running ads across multiple video game titles from Electronic Arts, including the new Madden NFL 13, in the key Electoral College-tilting states of Ohio, Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire and Virginia. The ads are aimed at encouraging the gaming demographic to take advantage of early voting in these states.

Beside console games, Obama is running “get out the vote”

virtual ads in casual Web games on EA’sPogo.com and in mobile games like Battleship, Scrabble and Tetris.

Obama has tried this before. Back in 2008 his team tapped EAto run virtual signage ads looking to encourage early voting in states like Florida and North Carolina in 18 games, including Burnout Paradise and Need for Speed .

According to Dave Madden, EA’s svp of global media solutions, the strategy paid off for team Obama. Based on surveys conducted by EA during the 2008 ad effort, gamers were 120 percent more likely to feel positively about the candidate and 50 percent more likely to consider voting for him after seeing the in-game ads.

“It was made clear in the last election that reaching consumers through video games makes a significant impact, so it’s no surprise to see this tactic used once again in such a competitive election,” said Madden. And this time around, it behooves Obama to diversify his video game outreach.

“The video game industry has gone through significant change since the last election, especially with the popularity of online, mobile and social games, and we’ve seen an expansion of our audience as a result,” Madden added. “Video games actively and emotionally engaged consumers in a way that no other medium really can and that translates into a big opportunity for political candidates.”

In 2008 close to 41 million people voted early in the U.S. according to the United States Elections Project.

Obama Campaign Ads Invading Your Favorite EA Games

If you thought that the only safe haven from political ads was your favorite video game, think again! Electronic Arts will start serving up ads from President Barrack Obama’s campaign in the hopes of capturing the attention of the young and hip gamer demographic.

The dynamic advertising campaign will appear in many of EA’s console, mobile and casual games leading up to the November election. The Obama campaign hopes to recapture some of the younger voter demographic and encourage early voting enthusiasm in the process.

Advertisements will run in games across multiple platforms including Madden NFL 13 on console systems, casual online games on Pogo.com, and several of EA’s popular mobile games including BATTLESHIP, Tetris and SCRABBLE. The ads, according to EA, will be targeted at users in battleground states such as Ohio, Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire and Virginia.

We asked an EA representative if they were offering similar opportunities for other presidential candidates such as Republican candidate Mitt Romney and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. The representative assured us that the opportunity is available to those campaigns that want it and are willing to pay for it.

“EA accepts advertising in our games from credible political candidates, similar to a TV, radio or online channel,” the EA rep. told GamePolitics. “The ads do not reflect any political policy for EA.”


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