Here’s That Creepy Rape Fantasy Dress That J. Peterman Is Embarrassed About

via Business Insider: 


The feminist blog Jezebel was quick to notice that some ad copy selling a “temptress” dress in the J. Peterman online catalog basically described a rape fantasy scenario. (For the uninitiated, Peterman is famous for the occasionally bizarre vignettes it spins to describe its clothing.)

The temptress dress copy limned a meet-cute on a boardwalk, and said:

“You shouldn’t be dressed that way,” he says.

“What way? It’s just a dress.”

Later he breaks windows to get to you.

But Peterman has since deleted the offending “breaks windows” line. Here’s the original page for the temptress, and below it is the updated non-rapey version. (And if you still want the dress, it’s $198.)

Click to enlarge:


J. Peterman

J. Peterman


The current, cleaned-up version:


J. Peterman

J. Peterman




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