REPORT: Prince Harry’s Vegas Party Included A Cocaine Dealer And Prostitute

via Business Insider: 


Earlier this month, Prince Harry was photographed partying naked in Vegas. Reports also emerged that there might be a video of his antics.

prince harry

And now RadarOnline is reporting that the prince was keeping some unsavory company, including an alleged drug dealer and prostitute:

“A really good friend of mine is a cocaine dealer and texted me from the hotel room while the party was happening and said, ‘Guess where I am?!?'” a source exclusively told “Turns out he was in the Wynn suite with Harry, his pals and all those girls.” has confirmed that at least one of the women partying in Harry’s suite has been known to prostitute and accept money and gifts for sexual favors.”

The site also reported about a wild scene in the hotel room, with multiple kinds of drugs.

Prince Charles reportedly told Harry not to apologize for the photos, and the Royal Family is hoping the scandal will blow over.

Harry is expected to make an appearance at the Paralympics this week.



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