Female mascot says she was beaten up at football game

via Fox 5: 

A teenage mascot says she was beaten up during her team’s home opener. Police are investigating and students at her school are being questioned.

Greenbrier’s mayor says this may have just been a case of roughhousing that went too far. But the 17- year- old girl has filed a police report claiming she was assaulted multiple times during last Friday’s football game.

Greenbrier Police now have an assault investigation on their hands. The mayor says the girl’s mother brought her to the police station Friday night after the game to report what happened. According to the mayor, the girl wasn’t able to clearly identify any suspects because she was dressed as a bobcat, but she told investigators they appeared to be middle school boys wearing white and green jerseys. The mayor believes they may have been middle school football players.

Mayor Billy Wilson says this is more than likely just a case of kids being kids, but he believes it may have gone too far. The girl reported being punched and even pushed down.

He says they don’t have any witnesses at this time, that’s why police are asking anyone with information to come forward.

We called Greenbrier High as well as the Robertson County School System about this story, both said they could not talk with us on camera because the investigation is ongoing. But a school system spokesperson did say they are cooperating with Greenbrier police.


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