Eva Longoria Plans To Open Women-Only Steakhouse

via Entertainment Wise: 

Eva Longoria Plans To Open Women-Only Steakhouse


Eva Longoria has reportedly decided to open up an upscale steakhouse in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve – but it’s for ladies only.

We wonder if that rule has been put in place to stop Prince Harry from bounding into her classy Sin City eatery stark naked?

The Desperate Housewives star is, according to folks at Perez Hilton, apparently geared up to open a women-only steakhouse in Las Vegas, so that women can give into their secret cravings for delicious meat WITHOUT the judging eyes of their male companions upon them.

Pardon? Is that genuinely a thing that women are worried about when tucking into a juicy plate of peppered steak?

According to Vegas Seven, Eva is naming the new space “She” (imaginative!) and she’s already nabbed chef Todd Mark Miller – the former chef of STK Las Vegas Steakhouse at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas – to develop the menu for the steakhouse.

The man-ban restaurant is set to focus on a 1920s theme, complete with sexy female performers a la Cirque du Soleil. Sounds classy!

What do you think of single-sex restaurants?




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