Watch A Deleted Opening Scene From ‘The Avengers’

via Business Insider: 


Just when you thought “The Avengers,” which has now earned more than $1.4 billion worldwide, left no stone unturned, we get a look at a deleted scene from this summer’s biggest blockbuster.

the avengers deleted scene

Yesterday, Yahoo! released an exclusive opening scene left out of the final film that will be available on the Blu-ray when it’s released September 25th.

After taking a watch, we can see why the scene was scrapped from the final cut.

Taking place 48 hours after the film’s final scene, Cobie Smulder‘s character, Agent Maria Hill, gives an account of the firestorm on NYC making it appear as if the gathering of the superheroes was a mistake, when, in the end, the group’s convergence was just the opposite.

The scene gives a disjointed feeling to the outcome of the rest of the film which would have played out as a giant flashback.
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