‘Canoodle’ me maybe? CTV anchorman accidentally propositions co-worker on air

via National Post: 



Even legendary (fictional) newsman Ron Burgundy had the good sense to hold the pick-up lines on his co-workers until after the camera had stopped rolling. But CTV anchorman Andrew Johnson is no Ron Burgundy.

The CTV Vancouver Island news anchor has became a viral video sensation after he accidentally propositioned his co-worker, weather host Astrid Braunschmidt, live on air.

The television station had just aired a story about a town on Vancouver Island where couples used to come to “canoodle” — an old-timey word which technically means “kiss amorously,” which the kids may refer to as “making out” (although, there is probably some text abbreviation now).

After the story package had ended, Johnson was transitioning over to the weather, when he decided it was time to raise the room’s temperature.

“It’s time now for a full look at your forecast with Astrid. Maybe we can canoodle before you get into it,” Johnson said with a grin, which almost immediately turned to a grimace when he realized what he said.

“We’re not going to be canoodling,” Braunschmidt replied coolly.

“What?” she added, confused, perhaps not understanding how flattered she should have been to be asked out by a man with hair and a jawline like Johnson.

As coworkers began laughing off-screen, Johnson leaped to defend his reputation, saying “I thought canoodle meant chat.”

With the crew giggling, Braunschmidt broke out into laughter as well.

“You know what? You just made the blooper reel,” she told Johnson.

She wasn’t wrong as the clip immediately began making the rounds online, eventually finding its way on to CNN.

Note to self: some journalists don’t know what “canoodle” means.

Johnson, ashamed of his public rejection, ends the clip asking to “get me off camera,” probably reaching for that emergency bottle of Scotch underneath his desk.

Braunschmidt, who is married, later noted she had to explain to her kids why mom’s popularity had suddenly skyrocketed.

Well…our boys, 5 & 10, now know the meaning of . I thought I had a few years to explain. guess not.


@CTVNewsAndrew I bet. Your blooper was pretty funny!

@CTVNorma We thought it was hilarious that day laughing the rest of the show about it. But didn’t expect this!


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