Scottsdale students to begin wearing ID cards

via ABC:

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Many Scottsdale students will find a new procedure when the school year begins next month.

Scottsdale Unified School District officials say middle and high school students will be required to wear student ID cards so that they are clearly visible during the school day.


According to a Wednesday news release, high school students will be issued a photo student ID and lanyard during registration week and middle school students will get theirs a few weeks after school starts.

The student ID and lanyard will be provided free of charge, but if the card is lost or damaged it will be the responsibility of the student to replace it.

Students will be required to scan their ID cards to ride the school bus, purchase food in the cafeteria, purchase items in the bookstore and check out library books.

“Being able to visually identify our students will help distinguish them from others who may not belong on our campuses,” said James Dorer, chief security officer.

Although the procedures for students who forget their ID cards are still being finalized, students will not be refused bus transportation or lunch solely because they forget their ID, officials say.

The student ID system will be implemented in the elementary schools in the fall.




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