What Celebrities Would Look Like If They Were Average Americans

via Business Insider: 

What if the celebrities in today’s tabloids never got famous and were just ordinary?What if they didn’t have fancy stylists, trainers, make-up artists, hairdressers at their beck and call?What if they just ate the way most of America eats rather than being on raw and organic-only, fat-free diets?Planet Hiltron has brilliantly photoshopped what celebrities would like if they were just ordinary.

Check out a selection of these alternate reality photos here, courtesy of Planet Hiltron.

Beyonce and Jay-Z

Jennifer Aniston

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian, and Kris Jenner

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Lady Gaga

Britney Spears


Lindsay Lohan

John Travolta

Johnny Depp

Amy Winehouse

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Paris Hilton

Sarah Jessica Parker


Scarlett Johansson

Miley Cyrus

Nicole Kidman


112 thoughts on “What Celebrities Would Look Like If They Were Average Americans

  1. Maybe the takeaway here is that if we all worked out and ate right, even the plainest of us would look more like celebrities…

    • “worked out and ate right”…,and had personal trainers, and had hired flunkies to do all of our actual physical labor, and beauticians and so on, and on, and on…

    • Worked out and ate right and didn’t have to work real jobs with real hours so we could hire trainers and personal chefs and stylists and the best clothes that hide what flaws we might still have after the chef and trainer. Oh, and let’s not forget our own team of nip and tuck doctors. These people don’t like like the average American because the average American can’t afford to think only of themselves.

      • I don’t know if the point was to say that as much as to say we could all spend a little more time on our personal health and less time accumulating perceived wealth. We’d all be better off to spend more time on what we have and less on wanting what we don’t. There is nothing wrong with being healthy.

      • Seriously, “… didn’t have to work real jobs with real hours …”? You’ve obviously never worked in the entertainment industry. The hours are long (I’m talking an average of 12 hr, sometimes 14-18 hr, work days and no regular holidays or weekends, unless you’re lucky, until you “make it” & even then the hours can be a killer if your contract doesn’t limit them) and the number of people who want to use and abuse you for their own advancement is both disheartening and astounding. In order to get to the level of fame that most of these celebrities have risen to (minus the Paris Hiltons & Kardashians of the world), these people have to work their asses off, constantly being aware of how they look and act and knowing that everyone is judging them, in addition to doing the actual WORK that their career requires… and most of them do it with a smile on their faces and a completely professional manner. And even the Paris Hiltons & Kardashians have to worry about their PR status to satisfy our fickle temperaments… consider this: if you’re having a crappy day, you can ball your eyes out, pull on some sweats and make a trip to the store for a pint of Ben & Jerry’s without anyone noticing you… they can’t.
        I’m not saying that celebrities deserve our adoration only… everyone is fair game for a little humor… but if you think that they don’t do REAL work, then you don’t know what REAL work is. I’ve worked in the entertainment industry most of my life & I can assure you, most of these people could outlast you in a work day without breaking a sweat. Just sayin’.

      • “These people don’t like like the average American because the average American can’t afford to think only of themselves.”

        BTW- “these people,” give more to charities than you’ll probably ever know, in both time & cash. Look it up & then tell me that they “think only of themselves.”

      • Anyone can be skinny and toned. Hell, get a job as a landscaper. I’ve seen guys go from drunks to USMC material in a matter of two months. Boot camp isn’t as intense. I’ve been in the military and I’ve been on food stamps and I have two stepkids and one on the way and I’ll attest that weight control doesn’t require special diets, equipment, chefs, trainers, etc. I joined an expensive gym and lost more weight working out in my living room a little, eating less junk food and leading a less sedentary lifestyle. Biology will likely never lead me to look like a superstar but I’m pretty happy with how fit I’ve become and it really just took patience, persistence and some dedication.Hell, I lost the most weight being poor. I lived off little Debbie snacks and walked everywhere and wound up being the skinniest I’d ever been. I burned more calories than I consumed.

      • You’re making an excuse to be unhealthy, by the way some of theses people have true talent so stop criticizing. Your harsh words comes from your own insecurity. I’m sure you’re one of those overweight Americans that think skinny people are evil. Shame.

      • This was entertaining and funny, people need to chill out and stop jumping over everybodys comments, we know and get that celebrities put in alot of hours and work to maintain their jobs and status. However they do have the money and means to look their best so it works out. I aint hating cause if I was a celebrity u best believe Im hiring the best trainer and yeah whiten my teeth bitches and while ur at it, heres 50 bucks to massage my feet!!! LoL. I say hey if ur doing it, Go out there and do it, appreciate what u got and enjoy ur life cause its short. But yeah I agree its ignorant to say celebrities only think of themselves, maybe some do but mostly thats a blanket statment. Besides there are plenty of selfish non famous people. I kno cause I meet at least one a day. But I guess my point is. Everyone is entitles to their opinion lets not jump down each others throats about it and lets all admit if we had that cash we would all want to look our best too, right? : ) Have a Blessed day!

    • Sure it’s a good idea to be aware of our physical state; to eat right and exercise etc… and yes, celebrities work hard to be ‘all that’, but eating right and exercising is NOT the only thing THEY do to stay that way. They may work 14 hour days, but they have help at their fingertips. I don’t have a personal stylist. I don’t have a personal trainer, or a nanny or a dietician or a plastic surgeon. I don’t have the funds it takes to obtain any of those either.

      • Don’t assume so much. I’m not out of shape or overweight. I gave birth at age 43 via c-section and it took over a year and a LOT of work to get it back. and I will always have that little belly pooch from the fact that they cut through ab muscles when they do a C-section. It takes celebrities a few months. Don’t tell me you actually believe these people do this on their own.

      • Yeah, we know Alexis … you are super impressed with yourself. Where can we all sign up to come bow at your self-righteous feet?

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    • Agreed! Love the idea, but would Miley Cryus dress like she was born 20 years earlier just because she wasn’t famous? She’d probably being wearing PINK sweats, have a few more pimples, and long straightened hair like every other 20 year old… I doubt she’d be sporting a perm.

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  6. Wow, not everyone should have to be fat to look normal. I think that hollywood expectations of body figures and beauty are too high. I also think that being fat should not be considered the norm or an inevitability.

  7. This was pretty funny but I wish Amy Winehouse had been left off. She being deceased kinda takes the haha out of that one.

  8. I believe these “celebrities” don’t just wake up looking the way they do. When I think about it, getting my hair and make-up done every time you have to go out, it does not seem appealing at all and I am happy I don’t have to waste hours a day to feel like I look good enough go to out in public. And speaking as someone who is in pretty good shape and works hard for it, it does takes a huge commitment and a lot of sacrifice to get your body half way to that of these people we become so envious of. I work 6 to 7 days a week and lots of over-time if I can find the time so can you!!! No excuses just do it!

  9. and even though they ave been photoshopped they in the most unflattering way imaginable (the clothes! the hair – dos!) some of them look pretty darn cute . like Scarlett Johansson as adorable nerd! Can’t help but think of her as a cute, sexy librarian… Chunkier Lindsay Lohan – really sexy!!!! And all of a sudden Rihanna, Kim Kardashain, Amy Winehouse (RIP) and Beyonce look like wife – material (hate that word). realization of the day: I LOVE real american women :)! To all the ladies out there – you are HOT!!!! :)

    • i agree with amy, logan; & i was thinking the same thing on a lot of those!! even made to look “normal” or “average” {or whatever you wanna call it!}…some of them still look cute!! {or attractive, for a couple of the guys} …so those are the ones with REAL outer beauty: take away the photoshop pics we usually see, plus the fancy make-up & designer clothes…but they still look good! 8-)

  10. ryan
    on July 20, 2012 at 4:53 AM said:
    “I don’t know if the point was to say that as much as to say we could all spend a little more time on our personal health and less time accumulating perceived wealth. We’d all be better off to spend more time on what we have and less on wanting what we don’t. There is nothing wrong with being healthy.”

    Smartest comment so far.

    • wow, totally hilarious. I’ve never before heard anyone insinuate that she looks like a horse. Did you come up with that on your own?

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  13. Whoever said celebrities could outwork me can go eat butt! they couldn’t keep up with anyone who does physical labor, especially in the heat. try swinging a hammer all day, screwing giant sheets of wood or sheetrock above your head, stacking tons of rock, or hanging out on a roof all day. you can’t just come in and start doing it. you have to train your body to perform these things just like if you were training to fight, run, swim, or bicycle. I respect celebrities. they deserve the money they make and they do earn it. people pay millions to watch them and they deserve a portion of that, but you need to realize living in the average person world is just as much work if not more.

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  15. I certainly hope average Americans don’t dress like that… those clothes look like they are from the 80’s. And even without being able to afford a personal trainer Americans don’t all have to be that fat.

  16. lol, pretty much all fake, light doesnt match on some picture, or the skin tone is different, or the noise/eyes angle is on the opposite direction of the rest of the head. Please, this has been photoshop by a 14 y o..

    • ok, it’s supposed to be for fun – not professionally. Can’t you guys just get a good laugh without being so technical and dramatic about a few funny pictures??

      • I hear ya… this is exactly what I was telling my hubby we needed!! Just a site where we could see what the big stars would look like without the lighting, makeup, botox and plastic surgery, I found exactly what I’ve been looking for! Hell yeah it’s fun :)

  17. How was the “average” chosen? I don’t know a single person who dresses like the people in these pictures. Those hairstyles seem pretty outdated too.

  18. Average in Missouri maybe; I live in New York, almost no one looks like these pictures. Even a lot of “average” Americans do care about the way they look.

    Actually, the most interesting part of this is the comments, which display that wonderful America mix of obsession of and hatred towards celebrities. Why do you all care so passionately?

    • THANK YOU! I was thinking the same thing! It’s just supposed to be funny, some of these people look toooo deeply into these things..

    • Haha, sorry man but I’m from Missouri and even we are more up to date than these styles! Go to where ever Honey Boo Boo child is from and maybe coke bottle glasses and shoulder pads are still the “in” thing there lol.

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  21. I honestly would this is how some of celebs would look like just like normal people Thank you! To who ever did this..because am sure if we were all treated n ha d everything they have we would look just as good ..people shudnt even look up to them they’re all FAKE n Sooo Plastic! They need to imbrance there true beauty high 5 to those celeb who do! :)

  22. i don’t get it.these are just faces inserted in the photos of some ordinary people.i mean,it’s not only body that gets fat and ugly when one stops carrying about his appearance.besides, the hair often looks irrelevant and proportions unrealistic

  23. I’m impressed, I have to admit. Seldom do I encounter a blog that’s equally educative and
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  24. Would have been a little more realalistic if more modern clothing and hair styles were chose … Way outdated. Was a little disappointed, but still a little funny.

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  27. I really can’t believe that this article thinks that the average American is FAT…come one…..I know this was done in humor but still, it’s not that funny, some of these actors have skinny gens and therefore they would have looked skinny regardless of being famous or not…

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