There’s A Chicken War Brewing Between McDonald’s And KFC

via Business Insider:


McDonald’s has stepped further into KFC’s world, and the chicken chain isn’t going to just lay down and get trampled. It’s fighting back, reports Scott Hume at Burger Business

In January, McDonald’s came out with the Chicken McBites — a popcorn-chicken like offering it imported from McDonald’s Australia. It’s now touting its Spicy Chicken McBites.

There’s something even more threatening for KFC on the horizon. McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson has said that he’s going to focus on chicken during the down economy.

In response, KFC is introducing KFC Original Recipe Bites, which will compete directly against McDonald’s Chicken McBites. It’s a “shot cross the bow of burger chains,” according to Burger Business.

Other fast food chains are getting geared up for the chicken war as well. Burger King reformulated its Chicken Tenders, Sonic has brought back its Jumbo Popcorn Chicken, while Checkers and Jack in the Box have brand new Chicken Nuggets.

Let the Chicken War commence!



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