A North Carolina Lawmaker Totally Screwed Up And Accidentally Cast The Deciding Vote To Approve A Fracking Bill

via Business Insider:

North Carolina lawmaker Becky Carney, a 10-year veteran in the state House, cast the deciding vote last night to override Governor Bev Perdue’s veto on a bill to approve hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” in natural gas exploration, but she swears it was all a big mistake.

Becky Carney

“Oh, my God,” Carney said on the floor of the House, according to the Raleigh News and Observer. “It won’t let me change my vote.”

The fracking legislation was one of the most controversial decisions facing North Carolina state lawmakers would make this year, drawing strong opinions from energy lobbyists and environmentalists. Tillis has opposed the law and voted against it just days ago.

As soon as she realized her error last night, Carney rushed to the House clerk to change her vote, but Republican House Speaker Thom Tillis said House rules forbade a change in a vote if that vote affects the outcome. Carney requested that the House waive the rules, but Tillis did not respond to her request, according to the Observer.

“I made a huge mistake,” Carney said, according to the Observer“I pushed the green button instead of the red button.”

Tillis later told the newspaper that he was comfortable with the process. “There’s a green button and a red button, they should know which one to push,” he said.


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