Holmes claims marriage done in 2011, steps out in public for first time since split from Tom Cruise

via New York Post:

Katie Holmes leaves the New School on Seventh Avenue today.

Katie Holmes will claim her marriage to Tom Cruise was “irretrievably” busted six months ago and that they’ve lived in New York for at least the past two years, according to a published report today.

The divorce court’s geography could play a huge role in Holmes’ bid to win custody of their 6-year-old daughter Suri, 6, according to TMZ

Even though the couple share a Beverly Hills home, Holmes will want to show they’ve lived in the Big Apple for at least two years, rolling the dice that New York family law will give her a better shot at keeping Suri, TMZ reported.

Holmes filed for divorce Thursday in Manhattan Supreme Court, under “Anonymous v. Anonymous.”

Holmes had been hiding out in her Chelsea pad, fearing contact with Cruise’s creepy Scientology cronies, before she was spotted outside earlier today.

Holmes, who was flanked by a new security team, had the look of a woman free from the burden of her unhappy marriage.

Holmes apparently kept her previously scheduled Monday appearance on the Lifetime reality fashion competition “Project Runway: All Stars,” People reported.

The show tapes at Parsons The New School of Design in Manhattan.

The former “Dawson’s Creek” actress, who even sported a smile amid reports that she finally pulled the trigger on divorcing Cruise out of fear that the “Top Gun” actor would ship their 6-year-old daughter Suri to Scientology’s hardcore elite Sea Organization, sources said.

Cruise’s desire to send Suri to Sea Org, as its known within Scientology, was the last straw for Holmes in her decision to split from the “Mission Impossible” star, according to TMZ

“Kids as young as five can be sent to live [at Sea Org] … without their parents,” the Web site reported.

Sea Org members sign billion-year contracts to work for the organization, and get room and board to permanently live at a Scientology base for reported salaries of up to just $50 per week.

The group gets its name because members initially worked on a Scientology ship, but they’ve since branched out to different headquarters, including Scientology’s Gold Base in California.

TMZ further reports that Holmes, “has first-hand knowledge of the Sea Org. When Holmes and Cruise first hooked up in 2005, Jessica Feshbach, a prominent Scientologist who had been with the Sea Org since 1994, was transferred and became Katie’s assistant/Scientology chaperone.

“Feshbach, in one of Katie’s first interviews after getting together with Cruise, was described by a writer for W magazine as ‘cold-eyed’ and ‘a third-wheel.’ “



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