Federally-Funded Study Finds Firework Injuries Occur Most Around Fourth Of July

via CBS:

CHARLOTTE (CBS Charlotte) – File this study under “obvious.”

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission — a federally-funded organization — conducted a special survey last year from June 17- July 17 and found that 65 percent of all fireworks injuries occurred within the month of the July 4th holiday.

The report also found that four people were killed by either professional-grade or homemade fireworks, while over 9,600 were injured.

“For thousands of consumers, last year’s 4th of July celebration ended with a visit to the emergency room,” CPSC Chairman Inez Tenenbaum said in a press release. “CPSC wants you to understand the risks with legal and illegal fireworks, in order to prevent an injury, or worse, during this holiday.”

The most often type of injury was burns to the hands and fingers. Adults between the ages of 20-44 were most likely to get injured. Males were most injured from firecrackers, sparklers, bottle rockets, novelty devices, Roman candles, and reloadable shells. Females were more often injured at public firework displays.

One person was decapitated during a firework incident. In others, people reported loss of fingers.


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